My Trainer Fitness Exercises for Home, Work and Gym

My Trainer Fitness Exercises for Home, Work and Gym

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A client’s idea… a trainer’s expertise… and a great new exercise tool springs from the sweat of many personal training sessions.

LeAura Alderson, entrepreneur and personal training client of Jill Coleman, MS, ACSM-cPT, approached Jill with the idea for creating Do-It-Yourself Workout Cards that people could do on their own to get the benefits of a personal trainer for a fraction of the cost, beginning with the gym workout series:  My Gym Trainer, and now My Trainer Fitness 6-Packs.

My Gym Trainer books contain 24 complete workout cards, each with weight circuit training on one side and cardio on the other for 4-8 weeks of professional, DIY workouts–worth hundreds of dollars–for a fraction of the cost.  Offered in three fitness levels, each My Gym Trainer book, 1-Beginner, 2-Intermediate & 3-Advanced is your personal trainer to go.

My Trainer Fitness are 6-packs for 6 complete and comprehensive workouts for Outdoors, At Home, Kids, Guys at the Gym, At Work and 100 Calorie Workouts… expanding your fitness options to help you keep fit for life.

Whether you want to change your shape or just feel better and have more energy, My Trainer Fitness products help you to reach your goals.


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